Step 1: Discover
Discover the project landscape, gather information
The more we know, the better the result. We will discuss the timing and budget for each project, the information available, and what information should be gathered through secondary research, polling, and interviews. We'll audit the competition. We'll work hard to understand a company's brand and offering. We will explore real customer or user needs and feelings, understand competitive positioning, and discover the best opportunities to help a business reach its customers with its vision, message, service, product, or tool.

Step 2: Plan
Plan the project framework, synthesize and propose
We plan carefully. We define clear project goals around the client's criteria, scope, schedule, and budget. We define the design direction and tone. These are well documented and agreed upon among all players before moving on.

Step 3: Design
Solve the problem: creating, collecting, prototyping
Our designers and developers work together to produce the best solution. This work may include creating or collecting the necessary visual, text , technology and data assets for a project, then producing prototypes—digital, physical or both. With approval of the final concept, we move ahead to production.

Step 4: Produce
Produce and deliver an artifact, art and craft
We deliver the work. During this step, we complete the development and production of the artifact

Step 5: Evaluate
Evaluate the process, learn and teach
We review the project with the client and with our team. How were the artifacts received? Do they work? How has the project changed the audience, the business, the client's perspective? Did we reach our goals? Could we have improved upon the process or the result? How? What other opportunities are there for this audience and this message?