We are good guys.
We work hard to be honest, fair, humble people of good judgment. Common sense—and uncommon sense—prevail. Our clients trust us. We never betray their trust.

We are creative people.
For us, the creative process is inviolable. We build for each other and our clients a place where creativity flourishes. We hire great creative minds. We work with great clients. Ideas bring more ideas. We remain open. Pay attention. Respect the process and the people.

We are collaborators.
Our people have diverse talents and backgrounds with deep knowledge of their own craft and many interests besides. We know from experience that the sum of our parts makes us a greater creative engine than the parts alone. Together we make design happen. We share ownership. People who have a hard time collaborating will not enjoy this. But we thrive on it.

We are a small firm.
A well-oiled machine. We will stay that way. We will work at a human scale, building long-standing partnerships with our clients and with each other. Small gives us the freedom to manage our destiny, to say no when we want to. Small keeps our own community tight, fun, caring.

We are a learning company.
We stay curious. We stretch ourselves. We play in the areas where design, technology, art, and science overlap. We follow our noses, learning and teaching each other, making room in our days to explore. We share what we know with our colleagues and our clients.

We are not competitors.
Ask us who our competitors are, and we'll draw a blank. We'd rather talk about the firms whose work we admire and why. We celebrate good design wherever it happens. There's plenty of work to be had where the application of careful thinking and good design could make a real difference for people. Our focus is on getting that kind of work and executing it well.

We guard our reputation.
We have a good reputation among our clients and within the design community. We protect it by doing very good work, consistently. We set and maintain high standards. We are uncompromising. Good work begets good work. Good work attracts good people and good clients. It's that simple. No, really. It is.